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Why the banks IT systems more massive, with customers far away from talks about? The problem is after the WTO today, has become increasingly important. The client is too personal or banking Xianpinaifu, this paper presents the analysis. --- In Wenzhou, Pan Peicong are second-generation family business. His father founded Pan Ting Yu Ting Yu Group, the Pan Peicong only 10 years old, now just over a thirty year old, she plays a role, general manager Yu Ting. Although in Wenzhou, but the Pan Peicong works a bit like a foreign professional managers, "all received mail, write mail, send mail, not phone calls." Pan Peicong some laugh at that.
---- Face paying visits to seek the views of the Wenzhou Bank Account Manager, Pan Peicong bluntly put forward their own ideas: "Bank of things faster than the speed, able to respond to customer needs in a timely manner. Are still too many links , can be optimized on the procedure? a lot of work on the Internet can do. a lot of basic information is the same, do not work every time when they are re-filled once, increase customer many additional burden. companies each year based on their own development shall be a plan to the bank with the bank in accordance with the section plans to allocate funds, so it is very specific and will not do useful work. banks should have a dedicated staff to help enterprises to establish a plan to use paragraph. "
Ting Yu Group ---- came to seek the views of customers of Bank of China Wenzhou Xiao-dong, deputy director of the Information Technology Division and the client manager Cai Yongzhi, they are just on the line for the CRM project customer dynamic data collection work.
Increasingly difficult customers satisfaction
---- Xiao-dong Yu Ting visited Wenzhou BOC Group is the quality customers, the most recent technical innovation is in talks regard to loans. Xiao-Dong Lin said with deep feeling: "As the second generation of entrepreneurs in Wenzhou, Pan Peicong generation of more knowledge than their parents, wider field of vision, wider communication, many people are reading the MBA. Their generation on the Bank of China more demanding customer service. "
---- As the world's 20 selected "healthy development of the city," the only Chinese city with more than 650 million people of Wenzhou, in 2001 GDP was 93.32 billion yuan, up 12.3%. Non-public economy accounts for more than 99%, which has accounted for 78% of family businesses. Wenzhou's economic miracle is no doubt commercial banks with unlimited business opportunities, the 17 domestic commercial banks have opened 15 branches in Wenzhou. Hong Kong banks had "more than rice shop" theory; actually use these words to describe the density of Wenzhou City Bank is not excessive.
---- Despite the Bank of China in Wenzhou has more than 70 outlets, and foreign currency deposits in 2001 reached 130 billion yuan, Bank of China in Zhejiang Province in the top ranking system, but with the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China in Wenzhou, the local building Bank, the Agricultural Bank and other competitors, but significantly down on the next wind. Xiao-dong boss, the current Bank of China, the Yuan Wenzhou dragon heart a little heavy, said: "In other places, four big state-owned commercial banks are 4 world, evenly matched. But not in Wenzhou, the other banks do not put you seriously to study the opponents do not include Bank of China. "
---- Yuen Long is in May 2001 appointed to Wenzhou, Shaoxing, Bank of China, he had worked for 20 years. Recalling the work in Shaoxing, he said: "This year, I engaged in Shaoxing Bank two big things. One is the 9001 quality system certification. In 9001 the system, rules and standards than President, not OK Long have the final say, but the standard have the final say. then one customer service center, April 16, 2000 launch of the banking system is the first of Shaoxing is also the first province Bank System. In Shaoxing, service The best science and technology is the best BOC. "It is these two initiatives to further enhance the Bank's own Shaoxing management and customer service.
---- Despite the domestic commercial banks have long put forward the concept of customer service, but will be posted on the wall slogans into actual operation, do not know how many times harder. To a question many customers repeatedly phone consultation Yao Da, some direct hit on the president room.
---- There is a party, a friend tells foreign customers the story of a hotel, Yuan Yong-dae enlightening. The friends often stay at a hotel for a business trip, is this hotel's high-quality customers. Once he came to the hotel front desk, the waiter told him that day, tour, not the room of; but waiter his name entered into the computer, the computer shows that he is the quality of this hotel customers, hotel staff immediately warm to send vehicles to transport him to the same standard of service to another furniture hotels. Yuen Long to the story and the solving of problems contact customer service, Bank of China together. The hotel's services, success lies in its background has a customer value management system that can clear the background to this client and customer spending behavior in the hotel information reflected in the computer screen, the hotel front desk attendant is based on customer value information corresponding to service him. This customer value information systems do not have Bank of Wenzhou, also want to do Yuen Long.
Yuen Long ---- had already learned that Guangdong Telecom's customer service center through the Call Center to resolve customer inquiries and complaints. Yuen Long that the introduction of Call Center is very effective as a competitive platform to use, so he began to be launched in Shaoxing Bank Call Center. He was positioned so the system several features: an address and receive customer inquiries and complaints; 2, from the customer inquiries and complaints which the current needs of the client what to improve products and to change the concept. System and the effect is good, but he feels the system is incomplete, can not solve all the problems of customer service. Later on the work of mobilization, he came to Wenzhou, Bank of China, but reside in the mind of this problem are often not consciously come out, and he also saw the widespread grass-roots bank also is an urgent problem.
---- From the practice of basic banking business, customer service channels are diverse, in addition to Call Center than there are human-computer dialogue, ATMs, as well as by business people face to face contact with customers. Although the front channels of contact with customers a lot, but these channels are managed by different departments, and the Bank of China Wenzhou no one has to provide a comprehensive customer service information. Not only front, back-end IT systems as there is information the same can not be integration. With a client, he may have in the Bank time deposits, demand deposits, and credit card, may also have loans and settlement, as these businesses are responsible for the different departments, the business sector there is no horizontal links can not be under the name of this client integrate all the data to provide a comprehensive statement of business, even a competent Yuen Long branch president of the overall work can not be a comprehensive customer data. The disadvantages of the various departments makes Bank of Wenzhou in determining the bias occurs when the customer value, it is difficult to provide a real service to meet customer needs. Yuen Long has received a customer complaint phone call from the field, this client through the credit card in the field was told his lack of balance in the bank's deposits, consumption can not be overdrawn, but the customers in Wenzhou Bank account on other sectors 800 million in deposits. This customer is very angry, thinking that even 20 thousand yuan will not be able to advance, Wenzhou Bank did not trust him, on the phone to Yuan Long made a meal of the fire.
---- Who is to blame in the end? Obviously no one can not blame the credit card department in the implementation of the Bank's rules and regulations, banks are not required to communicate between departments to customer data, business system design did not consider the inter-departmental sharing of customer data.
---- Fierce competition for the existing management system Yuanlong Ming Bai mistakes, is the existing business system design errors. However, the Bank of China, commercial banks in the Wenzhou area location, it is difficult to let him step by step to wait for top-down reform. He must choose from the Bank of China began to reform in Wenzhou, Wenzhou, only the reform have a chance to compete in the Bank of China in the processes. He then made the business character, management intensive, market-oriented objectives of the reform mechanism.
Under a large concentration of CRM
---- In summary, the Bank's business, there are loans to customers, customer billing contacts, as well as credit card. Can take the initiative to provide its customers are two types of data. First, loan customers, a good collection of such customer data, according to process, before the loans to learn a lot about the customer information, customers are sometimes afraid that the banks do not know him, he would take the initiative to provide a lot of information. Second, credit card, in the process of credit card customers need to fill out some forms. But in the original structure is not a comprehensive department to consider and manage customer data. If this thing to a customer service center, they are dedicated to collect and study the relevant customer data, this problem could be effectively addressed.
---- Became president after the Bank of China Wenzhou, Yuen Long began to deploy in areas under their jurisdiction to carry out this reform. "At that time we do not know what is CRM, but when we have such a demand. I gave it a name from the Customer Information."
Yuen Long ---- building "Customer Information" task to the Xiao-dong. Wenzhou University, graduated from the electronic counting, Xiao-Dong Lin has entered the Bank of China Wenzhou, a full 10 years. 10 years, he had the honor went through the system each time the Bank of China replaced: Bank of China in Zhejiang Province in 1996 to achieve a cash withdrawal; started in 1999, Zhejiang province-wide data set, the province set up three points Hangzhou, Shaoxing and Jinhua; starting from June 2002 data will be concentrated in Shanghai.
---- Data concentration is necessary, is also a trend, it does lead to the analysis for the upper decision-making data base; but the data also brought a large concentration of new problems that face the customer's primary bank, In the absence of data about customers, it is difficult to provide feature service. Large concentration of existing data models, obviously, "bank-centered" as a starting point, rather than "customer-centric" customer value and it can not be the interests of both banks, tend to be forgotten in the stress and standardization of service character, while emphasizing centralized decision making business differentiation forgotten. Xiao-Dong Lin reluctantly said: "Our banking law that commercial banks have the right to floating interest rates based on customer needs, the interest rate is the best means of foreign banks, but we can not do. We have to go to Jinhua to change procedures or to Shaoxing do. do a modification is too much trouble. "
---- Xiao-dong was wondering, he thought: Why with the system of large banks and customers farther away than ever, customers increasingly slow response; this problem is not fighting at the grassroots level and bank customers caused by the subjective consciousness of managers, but by now such a large concentration caused by the mechanism. In the process of data centralization, and their customers has continued to lose. Xiao-Dong Lin wrote: "From understanding a client until he has business dealings with our bank, it is very difficult a process. Now account manager to go to visit customers, clients want him in charge of printing the information, but can not get the data. Major focus Basically, all customer data after row in the province, we do not see. I had told him that these large customers on hand to record the right information. the face of so many special service needs of clients, we can not wait. but could have been work done by technical means, and now only through manual means were. "
---- In fact, this is only one aspect, even if the system is able to get from the business customer data, only some fixed number of background data and transaction data, the value used to determine customer behavior data, customer credit data is not to take to the particular client manager and client in the course of their daily dealings with valuable information in the system can not be found. The reason is that when the design is from a business perspective, not from the customer point of view. Of course, not just Bank of China, the existence of such problems, all domestic commercial banking business system problem exists. For those who have not, and the development of business relations of Bank of China Wenzhou potential customer information, the system did not give it to consider not leaving a place, this part of the information can only be charged by the client manager own small book, or is the input to the computer in the document.
President is also the resources
---- What is good? Is suitable for their own good. The "suitable" conditions, including price, the current level of management, and client managers use the system and so on. Xiao-Dong Lin recognized that due to different objective basis, this CRM system can help-line where as long as the account manager on the line, the extra features will be a waste of investment. Bank of the problem, and some can be resolved through CRM, CRM can not solve some, and must be combined with the local situation. So not so much to do CRM, as it is doing a project to solve the problem. They have a number of CRM vendors at home and abroad had extensive contacts with the end of last year, Bank of China Wenzhou conducting comprehensive evaluation of the project after the technology company will Powerise Hydrangea thrown by Powerise science and technology as their primary bank tailored suits The CRM solution.
---- Start using the system, the effect of slowly revealed. Former account manager who often said to be visited Yuen Long to customers is important, I hope to visit with president. Yuan Long said: "The visit does not matter, it is should be. But you analyze the value of this client does not? The customer is not insisted I go? What the customer likes to hear the recent interest? I went to the customer after say what? "and the result is often, as president of client manager will do the job, President may come out to visit a small customer, but customers should visit the great been out in the cold. Yuen Long, said: "In fact, the president also resources, according to the maturity and value of customers, to allocate Bank resources." When he heard of Ting-Yu Lin Xiaodong, the value of the client group, he immediately arranged to Xiao-dong, to Ting Yu personally visiting a young general manager of Pan Peicong Group.
---- The face of foreign banks entering the domestic market for a new round of competition, many scholars have pointed out that the competition will be mainly in the lucrative field of those that fight for those who can bring 80% of profits to the bank 20% of high-end customers . Chinese residents in high-income groups, multinational joint ventures in China and part of the excellent private enterprise formed by China's high-end customer base, will be the domestic banks and foreign banks a positive exchange of fire between the "main battlefield." Published in the newspaper to see this speech, Yuen Long said with a smile: "20:80 empty of little value, the problem is we know that 20% do not know who is?"

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