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DB2 basics

CREATE DATABASE command, DB2 creates a number of documents. These files include log files, configuration information, historical documents and three table spaces. The three table spaces are:

SYSCATSPACE: This is a store directory where DB2 system, DB2 system directory to track all objects associated with metadata.

TEMPSPACE1: DB2 to place the intermediate results of the temporary workspace.

USERSPACE1: By default all user objects (tables and indexes) is located where.

In cataloging the database on the client there are three ways:

Use discovery (discovery) of the automated configuration

Use Access Summary (access profile) automated configuration

Manual configuration

Configuring DB2 client to access remote DB2 database server and another is to use automation to access summary. Access summary contains the client for a DB2 server database cataloging the information needed.

And use the same found in the use of access to the outline, do not need to make DB2 client can connect to the DB2 server communications to provide any detailed information.

There are two access summary:

Server to access the summary is created from the DB2 server. They contain the DB2 server has been cataloging all the instances and databases.

Summary of client access from a client for another client to copy the database has been cataloged and / or client settings (DBM CFG and the CLI / ODBC).

Both outline can be exported from a DB2 system, then import to another DB2 system.

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New Class is the Blue Ocean

Blue Ocean, is hard to find all operators dream. Create a new class of it, is the new class of blue ocean!

Now people know that the Earth's Wong Lo Kat in the four years 2003 to 2006, invested five million, total sales of 8 billion, output ratio of up to 16 times, the brand value jumped to 2.244 billion yuan.

Why drink almost completely annihilated in the domestic situation, Wong Lo Kat was able to have sprung up everywhere, all the way singing? Because it is the first in the minds of consumers to build a new class of anti-lit drinks. If you spend money to do the same pure water or juice, but even the survival of the problem. Similarly, Coca-Cola then renamed the treatment of common cold medicine called Coke, for daily refreshing, so a new drink was born. It is no longer the number of features not safe drug, it becomes a unique Coca-Cola has now become the king of the brand.

Many people believe that the fundamental task of market competition is to make potential customers believe that you can provide better products or services. This is not true, if you only have a small market share, and had to compete with larger, more powerful competitors, then your marketing strategy may be at the beginning is wrong. It is so many companies work hard, put all the hope and effort spent on how to better than the competitors above, the result is ultimately difficult to surpass rivals, fought fight in the "Red Sea" in.

In the real market, in each category are full of existing competitors, the market is trying to carve a piece of cake from the things around, or use the new class appears to create an uncertain new world of opportunity where are side?

The facts tell us: "First," better than "better." Create a new class, preconceptions in the minds of consumers than to make people believe you can provide better than the product's first product to be much easier.

Well-known competitive strategy expert Michael? Porter summed up from a lot of practice, three kinds of competitive strategy to win: "overall cost leadership," "differentiation strategy" and "specific strategy," "Blue Ocean Strategy" is no turning back said: want to win in the competition, the only way is not only a defeat opponents. To win in the future, companies must stop competing, open blue sea, into the field without competition!

Create a new class is to achieve "differentiation strategy", "specific strategy" and achieve "no competition" strategy, specific and effective shortcut! Is a shortcut to gain a competitive advantage! Is beyond the competition's way out!

Hukouduoshi dangerous, then they have created a new product category, open blue ocean market, its first exclusive exclusive!

In 2000, many for whom the fruit juice business is also thicker and purer loves the exhilaration too, the unity of orange and more silence PET bottles to create a new class of non-pure fruit juice, the result, the product has just one side City, immediately popular anomaly, so that the mouth of the thick paste of pure fruit juice companies were stunned; in 2003, Hualong Group ranks in the food giant's instant noodles market "out of thin air" to open up a "play side" of the market, with annual sales of 6.0 billion package of record instantaneously from rural to urban brand promotion and strategic transformation, the unified crowd behind and become instant noodles of her second child; Red Bull first came to China occupies the functional beverage category and become the first brand, then the functional beverage eventually disappeared; big thanks to the original production of plug is walnut, almond, if engaged in dew, even primitive Hutoushan produced does not work, because this category has long been firmly occupied Chengde Lolo, enjoys popular support.

Some people worry, and create new categories will be paving stone, made martyrs. In fact, can avoid this risk, one should not venture into the market requires a lot of market education and supporting the market, such as the year's 10 000 Yan VCD machine, the second largest market is to be as fast as possible, and also the crucial point To quickly spread, first to enter the hearts of consumers, it is often more important than the occupation of the market. Otherwise, when the market followers and even those who disrupt the counterfeit audio-visual, mixed project consumers can not identify the fish category, the only cast aside the entire category.

Innovation category, enter the blue ocean, in fact, face to avoid excessive competition. If your brand is the pioneer category, your brand is doomed to be the leading brand. When competitors to join, it will also reinforce your first awareness.

The product itself, Coca-Cola is just an easy imitation of sugar, but cola in the public mind to occupy the first step and therefore the value of the U.S., this is your bottle of brown matter to the water do have instead of how realistic can not. Cola in the city are also dry, but the total Coca-Cola, the reason here.

When your brand is the first brand new class, it is widely considered the originators, authentic and Pioneer, and is the best. When violation of your areas of other brands, they are granted that is an imitation product. White with black to create a sub-service day and night cold medicine pills new different, now, can you be a kind of white with black cold movie? Even if the state allows some people to believe? Chengde Lolo has long been almost a product support the world, not the other marketing Tips, is a powerful force because category. Master Kong is the mainland in the first category to establish the first brand of instant noodles in Taiwan, much larger than its original unity, can not surpass the Master Kang has been in the mainland, is this law at work.

Innovation is the marketing category in the fundamental innovation. If you are the first type of product, it should strive to create a class can make you a market "first" product category.鏃犳暟鐨勮惀閿?簨瀹炶瘉鏄庯紝浣犺姳鍐嶅ぇ鐨勫姏姘旈兘涓嶅浣犲彂鐜颁竴涓搧绫诲競鍦烘潵寰楀揩锛屼竴涓柊鍝佺被甯傚満寮?嫇涔嬮檯锛屾剰鍛崇潃涓?釜棰嗚鍝佺墝璇炵敓涔嬫椂銆傝豹涓嶅じ寮犲湴璇达紝鍙戠幇鍜屽垱閫犱竴涓柊鍝佺被锛屼环鍊艰儨杩囨墦5000涓囧箍鍛婅垂!

銆??涓浗甯傚満瀛樺湪澶ч噺鐨勫搧绫绘満浼?璋佽兘鐜囧厛鐢ㄥ搧鐗屽崰鎹搧绫伙紝璋佸氨鑳借幏寰楁渶澶х殑鍚嶅埄锛岃皝灏辫兘鍚庢潵灞呬笂銆?br />




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How to write text to soft fast sellers?

From the last century in the late 90's until now, the soft paper dictionary in China occupies a very important market place, because it has a lower cost of sales for multiple products to create a miracle.

In many industries, the soft paper is so popular marketing tool. Haier household appliances industry, Oaks, cosmetics Cheng Ming Ming, may adopt ... ... and so on, and even soft text auto industry will also be invited on the guest of honor, such as a car accident the day after Diana, to security demands Waugh Calvo car to seize the opportunity to introduce the soft paper, "If Diana is the Volvo ride", which attracted everyone's attention. But the real push will be the peak of the soft paper strategy is medical and health products industry, soft paper in this area have created a myth melatonin; This makes the subsequent medical and health care marketing, keeping an on soft, soft culture craze sweeping the medical and health products industry and the whole marketing industry.

Time passes, as consumers of soft paper identification capabilities, consumers increasingly go to the other extreme, the soft paper had a very strong immune system, leading to gradual loss of function of soft paper. Many products are still running a few full-page ad only received a few calls poor or no telephone, held the money failed to be implemented, and melatonin soft paper of the times can not in the same category, even say that the soft Wen era is over.

However, we are still surprised to find that some products still rely on the sales of soft paper to create miracles, such as the catchy sing, intestinal tea, CES learning, wood dried capsules, etc., which conforms to changes in the market of soft paper as big waves Tao Jin Huang After the gold sand, in the shiny.

So, the new environment, whether insane sellers of soft paper How to Make it?

One of sellers genes: visualization of product features

Many years ago, the great master of the ad warned us - "Do not sell steak, sell the sizzle", the surface meaning of the phrase is easy to understand, but to really understand the words is not easy to master, in practice Application of the more difficult. We found that only a deep understanding of people who can write a master discourse for consumers pocket of soft paper. Given the inherently dramatic, so that consumers interact with the copy, only one result, the product easy to complete the "breathtaking jump."

Function in the health care products in the administrative approval, is some insignificant words such as "antioxidant," "immune" and so on; the same function of Chinese medicine attending some people say is difficult to listen to understand, such as "Kidney Qi "" kidney yang "; these words are for the average consumer," Zhangerhushang - puzzled. "

Therefore, the product features visualization of the entire text of the layout of the soft guiding strategy.

For example, a laxative product, can not just stop at the simple instructions on how to purge, otherwise it will foam weak. 1 sellers of soft stool culture should be taken before and after the color, shape changes are described, consumers observe secretly lying in the toilet stool changes, and text interact, consumers, "incoming" is not convinced of the product effect suspect.

Such as wood exhaust Capsule "8000 million bone knife inserted in the" soft paper, the image of a bone disease that people suffering - "the pain of bone disease, and even friends and relatives could not bear to see patients, the common people who suddenly fell ill a few absorption mouth air, between the teeth the slightest breeze - spur reoccurred! As the saying goes: got bone disease like bone in stabbing 鈺?鈺?", this description of the image with great accuracy, and consumer psychology had a strong resonance, lead to consumers a high degree of identity. Concluded that wood dried capsules "bone in his sword," the unique effects than plainly and say "remove the bone spurs," a hundred times stronger! Results of soft paper to create a day in Harbin, the market volume of more than 500 calls, the first day of ad sales more than 90-box market a miracle!

In fact, the effectiveness of visualization products have been the core of product planning, not only in the soft, still in the concept of refined products and other core areas, such as "lung wash", "colonic cleansing," "blood washing" are planning will vivid example of the effectiveness of visualization products.

Sellers gene two: writing language easy to understand

The famous Tang Dynasty poet, wrote poems including women and children, is widely sung. Because he wrote a poem for each side to be read to mothers who did not listen to the old culture, if they do not understand, Bai will be revised up until understood, it is so, Bai left a lot of language easy to understand, widely spread poems. Writing and Bai soft writing style in common is that the popularization of the language, take care of most of the reader's comprehension.

Text reader software is ordinary consumers, who generally low educational level, so I decided to soft-paper is not poetry, prose and its refusal to the modification of rhetoric, refused to lengthy description, it is necessary to popularize ideas and inspiration , commercialization, sharpening.

A can of soft paper sellers who must be easy to read and understand, this is the prerequisite and basis for, not easy to understand language, the text can only be highbrow soft, did not respond, not to mention the natural drive product sales.

For example, to a certain class of lipid products of chitin, chitosan can absorb lipids to explain the function of soft paper used the term "abducted lipids," saying the mechanism for the medical complex has become easy to understand, vivid.

We write for a soft paper product of lycopene, in order to explain in scavenging oxygen free radicals of lycopene's powerful capabilities, we will be fighting both sides metaphor, "one lycopene molecule can be the enemy in the battle over thousands of the enemy - oxygen free radicals, "simple and obvious truth will be difficult and has, in the copy test that not only understand the consumer and deeply remember that.

To popular, to avoid the use of idioms must not use the phrase when, as brief as possible to avoid the rhetoric of the modification, as consumers are familiar with the elements of life to talk sense. For example, we start the market in Wuhu, Anhui on the Yangtze River by the people familiar with the Yangtze River to illustrate the need for comprehensive management of the human body also needs comprehensive conditioning truth.

Gene 3 sellers: The Golden Rule

Golden Rule is the law of mathematical geometry, in life and understanding that has already been applied. For example, the human body (lower body height: body height), if found golden rule, this figure is very beautiful. Scientific evidence, people both in the aesthetic, or receive information, the most receptive to meet the "golden rule" of pictures, information.

Crazy sellers of soft paper in the structure is very scientific.

First of all, in advertising soft, the ratio of hard to meet the golden rule as much as possible. According to market reaction, the market most sellers are soft soft text ads with ads hard advertising appropriate, the image of the text that such a soft upper body like a woman - soft, lower body like a man - hard, soft and hard combination of this soft paper with the best lethal.

Second, the ratio of the picture and text meets the golden rule is not easy to make people the soft paper production, "Shenmeipilao" easier to read, visually comfortable.

Again, in the dissemination of the contents of the text should meet the golden rule, for example, the proportion of products to fit the mechanism and case, said throughout the case throughout the reasoning or not, such as a combination of both more and more lethal; another example, the appropriate combination of emotional and rational .

Of course, the success of soft paper, there are many other reasons, such as soft paper title, size and length of soft paper, combination between soft paper, etc., these claims have been discussed many times the industry in this stop drilling .


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Moving to the countryside to the computer through three banks

From February 1, the computer under the "home appliances to the countryside," the scope of all rural residents in designated locations to purchase the specified models of the computer, you can enjoy government subsidies of up to 13% discount.

Recently, computer manufacturers countryside formally announced the first successful, the computer really has taken the steps to go to the countryside, but as some of the winning companies said, the rural market is a big cake, computers countryside policies on the PC industry, the major positive Needless to say, but the real popularity of the rural computer or take a long time, sales channels, network construction, service and other issues are perfecting. Qi countryside policy issues from the computer, many users put forward a series of practical issues, including computer literacy level of farmers and Jieshou level, the building distribution channels, how to protect the interests of farmers, etc., are all these Neng implement the solution, also means that the computer can really achieve the countryside is a beautiful vision of pulling billion domestic demand.

Three computers countryside torture:

If you open up the countryside channels?

It is understood that in addition to the domestic PC maker Lenovo, the same side, Haier and a few brands, most no market for 4 to 6 establish a perfect sales channels, distributors will be their main selling. Some netizens proposed that due to the countryside began, but the relationship to the machine commissioning, after sales service, the present township of dealers not solve these problems.

General Affairs Department of the Ministry of Commerce, "home appliances to the countryside" Office Director Zheng Shuwei clearly show that the channel is related to the computer to the countryside is one of the key elements of success, and some secondary cities, brand sales outlets more scarce, farmers exist "hard to buy "problem. How to set up high coverage accuracy of the sales from the network, so that farmers can buy companies at this stage to facilitate an urgent need to solve the problem. In addition, distribution channels, including capacity building to enhance, the natural environment very different in different parts of the enterprise made harsh conditions.

It is understood, and operators are bundled a number of successful measures taken by manufacturers, operators of business as the Office of the coverage in rural than in stores, distributors, coverage is much higher, and in order to achieve the construction of rural information, network operators business in recent years has accelerated the construction of fiber-optic network in rural areas, and Zhuang Kuandai of considerable incentives to farmers. Haier relevant responsible person said, only the pc fully integrated hardware and networks, computers can be achieved from the significance of the countryside.

In addition, after the computer is a relatively unique product, if the internet poisoning, need to reinstall the system or a hardware failure, farmers how to do? Farmers understand the computer as urban, in the process of using computers failure probability in the larger problems they encounter are not able to handle, so affects not only the enthusiasm of farmers on the computer, but also affect the actual needs of the computer to the countryside. Moreover, the farmers want to pay the computer repair? Cost and how much?, Showing improving after-sales maintenance is also required manufacturers to consider and place in time to add in place, otherwise the computer to the countryside to stimulate domestic demand to a bright future is fantasy.

Computer countryside subsidies are in place?

Currently, the state computer to the countryside made a series of product quality, service standards and rates of subsidy, but the implementation of the policy seems to lack the necessary protection, no corresponding supervisory mechanisms.

On the one hand is the place subsidies timely supervision. As the "computer to the countryside" to take the first purchase, and then receive vouchers to subsidize the way out. Some netizens proposed, because the dealers will sell after the information is not timely input of information systems, financial departments and audit is not received in time, such factors as imperfect information system, farmers get subsidies often take 20 days or more, and some even require 23 months, seriously affected the enthusiasm of their purchase.

On the other hand is a product quality supervision. Some Internet users have questioned the company will even out some of the low-end product dumping in rural areas, or even deliberately cut corners to reduce the computer configuration sold to farmers at the farmers lack of knowledge of computer users will be unable to identify.

Industry said that if the computer to the countryside in the channel, then the lack of effective monitoring, it is possible illicit manipulation of sales dealers, will be sold back to the countryside products 1 to 3 lines market, and use of state subsidies from the double possibility of profit.

Computer countryside involves many aspects, from all over the government to distributors, computer manufacturers, rural users, it must be fully coordinated, to ensure that these benefits can only truly fall into the hands of farmers.

Farmers have received computer products?

Computer really can go to the countryside, the key depends on the need for farmers to friends computer. Official release from the computer to the countryside to the present, many users put forward this question, my brothers, farmers in rural areas really need a computer? While farmers can get the Government to buy computers, 13%, but the price easily thousands of computers Yuan, peasant brothers can afford it?

"Relative color TV, refrigerator and other rural areas of the home appliances, computers need to be relatively rearward, and in all provinces and cities, there are differences between the sex." With computer manufacturers admitted, "but computer manufacturers have also made many trips to a number of provinces and cities conduct research in rural areas. now the younger generation in rural areas are like to go to internet caf茅, so we are mainly targeting rural customers under 35 years of age and young people. their computers and networks is a very great desire. "

In fact, the current response and various third-party investigation, our country most of the rural areas of computer knowledge is almost a blank, the computer can do, most farmers still remain in the children learn. For wealth or learning via the computer science knowledge and skills they have hardly any idea, let alone e-commerce or agriculture sites Information.

Farmers lack the knowledge of the conditions in the computer a series of questions, first, the farmers do not understand the basic knowledge of computers, computer problems on a little helpless, only to resort to service point or service station, and the service point at present is the soft underbelly of rural areas , the result on the computer-generated farmers fear, potentially reducing the purchase demand.

Second, the lead farmers to choose the countryside from their actual use of the computer does not start, many farmers in the purchase of computer users, the only standard is "to how much money I get a computer", as is not completely suited to their needs consideration.

According to state regulations, rural areas are necessary to install a computer in a series of computer learning software, software and other information for rural farmers in this particular market software. And most successful manufacturers that will create a computer learning station township, computer sales outlets to purchase machinery and technical personnel will also conduct on-site training of users.

The countryside is not only a simple computer hardware countryside, lack of computer knowledge to solve this problem, to strengthen the understanding of rural users of computers. How to spread computer knowledge, hands-on training of farmers, the rural rich are all computer applications countryside should be put on the agenda at the same time. Otherwise, it would increase the "computer to the countryside" to promote the difficulty will increase the financial burden of farmers.

Data Link:

As of the end of 2007, the number of rural Internet users reached 52.62 million, annual growth rate of 127%, in 2008 the number of netizens in rural areas no less than 60% growth. Latest data show that in 2009 rural computer market capacity will reach 600 million units. The current demand for 900 million rural computer as long as the growth of 10% per year, you can "feed" PC manufacturers.

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Recently, the first round of the "computer to the countryside," the tender results were out, 21 PC manufacturers in the 14 bidding firms won the bid. Successful companies, both Lenovo, Haier, Great Wall were high hopes that the national brand, but also HP, Dell, Acer, this internationally renowned brands, even in peacetime, second-tier city market share is not a high number of brand .

Analysis of the industry has long pointed out that "the computer to the countryside," a key factor in the tender, the price of occupying a very important position, while firms in the rural market building sales channels have also been the same weight.

Reporters from the major manufacturers to see the winning products, Lenovo, including the Shenzhou other desktops, one machine and laptop computers, type a more complete, while Dell, HP and other foreign brands, for 3,500 yuan a limit factors and the actual needs consideration, there is no release "Going down" notebook model. This time, the winning price of the cheapest computer in a product for 1998 dollars, by the Southwest Computer Co., Ltd. introduced. In general, "Going down" the price of the computer most of the 2,500 or more.


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Friday, September 17, 2010

Students face cold winter Employment

Top of the IT professional experience winter employment is misplaced or graduates of supply and demand mentality is not it?

"Difficult job", China Agricultural University, Institute of Information and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Technology Department of Cai-Xia Chen said that "the high expectations of students, but also a great disappointment." Information Engineering College of Capital Normal University, Ke-Jiang Xu and teachers that compared with previous years, "graduates of the overall trend is going down."

Top Professional Employment winter

Interview situation from school, students do not optimistic about the employment situation. Xiao-hu is the Kunming University of Science and Technology of professional graduates has been to graduate school period, he did not find work. According to Xiao-hu introduction, the students signed their class also accounts for about 20%. Beijing Jiaotong University, one student told reporters that 60% of this class of people found work, and the rest are either admitted to a graduate student, or choose to continue 鑰冪爺. Beijing Institute of Computer Science and Technology graduates Andy told us that they ban the current employment rate is 50%.

There are exceptions, some famous universities computer science graduates is relatively good. Information, Renmin University of China is responsible for career guidance teacher, Lin Yi told reporters: "Computer Science and Technology professional employment rate of graduates is now 75%, to end of the year is expected to reach 90%."

Furthermore, graduate students have a seller's market initiative. Communication and Information System, a Tsinghua University graduate student told reporters: "Most of our class into a foreign, can not find work that say no."

Consultant Senior Consultant Chang Tai Xun that companies like to recruit graduate students, one is Chinese and post-graduate level of psychological maturity and life experience, can reduce management costs; on the other hand, is also a graduate of project experience in enterprise value. "

Employment and female employment more difficult. Capital Normal University, Xu said: "The female employment is much more difficult than boys, and many units are specified as long as the boys. Some men are better can often three or four units are picking, but women are not recruited units recognition. "According to survey of Xiamen University, under the same conditions, employment opportunities for female graduates only male graduates, 87.7%. Many recruitment at many employers play the "boys only", "men first" recruitment conditions.

And employment difficulties accompanied by the naturally lower salaries. Talking about the difficult problem of employment, university graduates often been criticized as "attracted me," demanding high salaries, low pay units do not want to go. In the survey, reporter learned that this case has been quietly changing. CHEN Cai teacher said: "This year's graduates starting pay down the request, some students even if there are units to receive, no matter how much money is willing to go."

In May this year, CCTV "Dialogue" column a theme of "What Students missing - foreign papers," the program, Zhaopin CEO Liu Hao said: "Two years ago we conducted a survey of university graduates on their salary expectations , much higher than the company can give to the junior level salary. but we do this survey this year found that graduates with business expectations can give out the actual salary, basically the same. In other words, students are quick to adjust their own mentality, to meet market demand. "

Little Weighton is the People's University School of Information graduates, he signed a BI vendor, the probation period 2000 yuan / month. Asked about satisfaction with the job he felt was "normal."

Can be said that most of their graduates are not very satisfied with the initial salary, but they have no choice to accept, because the market was the case. According to Taihe new survey of college graduates class of 2006, the average IT salary is 2350 yuan / month, while the average salary in 2005 was 2668 yuan / month.

Zhang Xun said: "The salaries of college graduates this year, a slight decrease, but also slow down the decline. Previous years, IT companies have overestimated the value of the graduates, now payroll year in and year, are becoming less than expectations of graduates. on paid righting a wrong, but instead went to the other extreme, or not reached an equilibrium state. "

However, most of the graduate students that their work and reward "basically satisfied." Reporter visited found that communication and information systems Tsinghua University graduate students in the average graduate salary is about 8,000 yuan, the Chinese People's University, Beijing University of Posts and so the wages of college graduate students in 5000 to 10,000 yuan between. Agricultural University computer science graduate of the Tsao portal in China to do a programmer, a monthly salary of 5,000 yuan. "I hope the pay is the annual salary of 400,000." Tsao told reporters.

Get together and close competition cause

Computer science students after graduation must Quwang What IT industry? The data gathered reporters to do an analysis. China Agricultural University, Computer Science and Technology professionals have signed the tripartite agreement of 48 people, 22 were in the IT industry, software companies or website, representing 45.8% of the number of contract; other enterprises accounted for half. China People's University undergraduate computer science and technology classes to participate in the work of 29 people, 17 people into the IT sector, accounting for 58.6% of the number to work, another 12 people were chosen units of other properties, among which the financial industry To many, a total of six people into the banking system.

IT graduates to get together in large cities the situation is still serious. Kunming University of Science and Technology graduates little nonsense: "I'm soon going to Shanghai to find work. In fact, Kunming is not hard to find work, but many people prefer to go to class cities."

Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, the majority of graduates are still gathering the city. In particular, such as the Capital Normal University, Beijing biogenic majority of schools, students do not consider out of Beijing to find jobs. Communication and Information System of Tsinghua University graduate students, more than half choose to remain in Beijing for the rest of the students mainly went to Shanghai and Guangdong.

Cities of IT professionals "get together", a direct result of IT graduates face close competition.

The central and western regions and small cities still face the plight of the lack of personnel. Ministry of Personnel issued in March this year, demand for the 2006 survey report pointed out that the central and western regions of Chengdu, Wuhan, Xi'an three capital cities of the computer science and application of the demand for professionals of all demand in order first. However, due to geographical constraints and prospects, many graduates are still central and western regions to eastern cities and the first choice for employment.

Wo survey data, in the demand for IT talent, Beijing and Shanghai, the largest demand, but supply is also the largest. And some secondary cities such as Chengdu, Chongqing, although there is a demand, but many students do not like to stay in the area.

Zhang Xun expressed concern about this situation. "In fact, a number of foreign companies in R & D Centre will also like to set out in the secondary cities. Yinwei Beijing and Shanghai, Di competition is intense market has become increasingly saturated. Xiang Chengdu, Wuhan, Chongqing, these areas are relatively Xihuan foreign investment 杩涘叆, but these Instead, the city's computer science students do not like to stay at the local, more likely to have developed the Beijing, Shanghai and other large cities run. this talent drain, in turn, has shaken the confidence of foreign companies into the two cities and determination, and big cities IT graduates surplus, which easily lead to a vicious cycle. "

In this regard, Zhang Xun recommended graduates attitude adjustment to the two cities to develop courage. "This will help to avoid vicious competition of talents to improve the supply and demand, maintaining balance, individuals, businesses and countries is beneficial."

Some software companies are also starting to prove the selection of graduates rational. Neusoft Indian Human Resources Minister Li Gao says: "Neusoft recruit graduates mainly from Xi'an, Chengdu, Nanjing, Wuhan and Beijing, Shandong and other foreign universities. We hope that these new staff quickly corrected successes impetuous attitude, do not be too idealistic, do solid work, the rapid integration into the working environment. "

Dislocation of supply and demand

Employment is no demand for IT industry What?

Personnel Bureau in Beijing this year, "issued by Beijing in 2006 the introduction of non-biogenic shortage of graduates from professional directory", the computer science and technology, information and communication systems, computer application technology and computer software professionals top the popular list. Major IT professionals in 14 accounts for a shortage of 4 seats. Moreover, according to a survey ChinaHR in Shanghai and Guangzhou, computer and information services positions in the number of posts were all accounted for 20.68% and 20.18%.

According to worry Zhaopin and future data such as recruitment agencies, as of the end of June, IT sector needs a total of 84,382 jobs, with the beginning of the year more than 50,000 jobs compared to demand, in the month, the number of posts throughout the IT industry growth nearly 30,000. While the number of IT graduates speaking, on the whole, the computer professional is the largest professional, the existing 771 disciplines, a total of more than 440,000 school students, ranking first in the profession.

One side is an urgent need for IT personnel, while the number of school computer science students a large supply. However, both the buyer and seller did not form a harmonious situation.

Employment many students confused. Central University of Nationalities of the trees graduated last year, but this year they will find work. "Easy payment, low, high-wage work is very tired. The direction of the computer a lot, very competitive, want to get fully fit its own direction is not easy." Tree said. Kunming University of Xiao-hu has the same confusion: "big companies feel that we lack a solid foundation; small business efficiency, the value our practical ability." Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, a two-year graduates who have been working very straightforward: "dream job and a great gap between real needs. To put it plainly, the knowledge learned in school to the community Meisha use, all had to learn from scratch."

The employment business is too real. IBM Greater China Talent and Learning Director of Human Resources Mr Mao Gong said: "The graduates of the training costs than non-graduates is much higher, and they soon return to the company's small, so relatively high cost of the short term. "Dawning Information Industry Co., Ltd. Human Resources Manager of the original Yu-Ling stressed:" The graduates are good quality, but there is still lack of experience. These new employees are mainly to do technical support, customer service, etc., need strong communication skills and acting according to circumstances, and they have to be improved in this respect. "

Although the IT industry is a lack of people, but the company does not feel cheap to use the graduates a monthly salary of graduates. For enterprises, a monthly salary of 3,000 yuan and 3,500 yuan makes no difference. The key is the high cost of management graduates, including training, psychological counseling, and various aspects of the transition costs. Enterprises will not blindly recruit graduates do not meet their conditions, they become more utilitarian, requiring new employees on the grassland, and do not look at whether it can bring long-term value, but look at whether a short-term value.

Dislocation of supply and demand caused by this reason, we point to the word of a speech to our existing education system.

A portal to a new national online survey, 1,500 respondents, 55% believed that the education system is not suited to the needs of society, only 10% of people considered to be excess personnel or college students attracted me, the difficult employment of college students.
The book has been discredited in the no-yu, the book is no longer a house of gold. The picture shows the scene outside a job fair appeared lost college students

Computer Colleges increasingly subjected to the traditional business education model torture. Neusoft Indian Human Resources Minister Li Gao told reporters: "Neusoft is now sorely lacking is the senior technical personnel, such as system architects, designers and consultants and so on. Also have technical experience and good foreign language skills of personnel is the most popular. large number of graduates now, but you could satisfy both the quality of talent is limited. we need is people get started quickly, but imposed a universal college education, and business requirements that Precision in a field short of the requirements. "

Jack Gao, vice president of Autodesk also said: "We emphasize that the information industry, especially creative or innovative, we must continue to create whimsy. But we communicate in the process, and some graduates find themselves thinking more conservative, which is today's education system has raised new demands. "

Speaking of the quality of training students, Information, Renmin University of China Lin Yi teachers felt some regrets: "Our graduates in the study areas is good, but basic capabilities in Zhuan Ye Shang's temper side also impatient. Teacher with a past students to do projects, but now teachers are too concerned about academic research, and this affects the students opportunities to practice. In addition, the school does not establish a practice base and employment base, which led to senior students lack the social practice. "

Three hard to bridge the gap

According to CCTV, "Oriental Horizon" and Zhaopin 2006 jointly launched large-scale survey of graduate career, When asked "what employers value most job seekers", the 57.8% of the employers first look at the "social practice and part-time internship circumstances ", followed by" professional "(44%)," Graduate school "(28%)," English, computer and other level "(21.6%), only 3.5% of the employers will first look at the graduates" in school performance . "

Social practice and practical work experience in terms of university graduates just out of school is a valuable asset. Participation in social practice and more, more experienced graduates, employers are often the preferred target. A graduate of the University of Posts and Telecommunications Beijing told reporters: "If more than one year of internship experience and programming experience, the more can cause the employer's interest."

Zhang Xun that the IT industry to solve the talent shortage and the employment of IT graduates embarrassing predicament needs students, businesses and schools through the joint efforts. "Students should be more proactive, more involved in the project during the after-school program, as soon as possible into society."

Capital Normal University, Xu told the reporter, school years, attaches great importance to graduate students in internships. Schools and businesses signed an agreement to create a good internship opportunities to students and the environment, to accumulate practical experience of students and actively letting a little earlier than they did with the society, understand the society and the cruelty of competition for jobs. Xu has repeatedly stressed: "Practice is the job of the 'preview', is a social worker from the work of students to the mentality of the transition."

The recruitment of graduates in 2006 is not over, some well-known IT companies will not wait to start the 2006 summer internship program, competing to recruit students in 2007 session of talents. BBS in the major universities, Microsoft's "trip leader" internship program, IBM's "Blue Road" project, Legend of the LCP program has attracted the attention of many IT students. Digital China is a good appetite, at the end of June announced that it will recruit 600 trainees, including 300 star a chance to formal staff. Well-known enterprises in turn opened the fight for talent.

Zhang Xun-business internship program that was sure, but he stressed that the project business and university collaboration and communication and coordination. "IT companies in fact very interested in cooperation with the university. By working together, enterprises can make full use of university resources, and student quality have a more objective understanding. On the other hand, universities can work together to understand the needs of society, in the materials , configure and update courses also have a better reference, after all, IT industry development speed and product updates too quickly. "
Employment, employment of female graduates even more difficult.

Mr ENERGY that can achieve three-win-win practice. "For students, better access to the company to better plan their career direction; For businesses, there is an earlier understanding of the students the opportunity to recruit talent for the future Be prepared in advance; while on school for this internship program will enable schools and business interaction in the design of curricula can be better co-ordination, so as to achieve better integration with the school community. "

India Gao Li said: "Neusoft is strengthening cooperation with the university. We have developed a personnel training program, undergraduate students at institutions of higher learning in science and engineering through centralized training of fresh, targeted jobs, the completion of the appropriate technical personnel to add jobs for students Before entering the community is not able to have a better understanding of the Neusoft to play quickly after graduate posts their own values. "

Cadbury Schweppes, General Manager of Human Resources, Greater China Yuan Cao Yong believes that the role of the employer market, the ultimate self-regulation to address IT manpower needs of the dislocation. "Student employment is ultimately resolved by the market. Now there is gap between students with business, there will come a number of institutions, students and business services to provide good enough to solve this problem."

Link: IT job trends concern

We are in a transition period, while the change will bring opportunities and uncertainties. The key to success is to plan ahead.

Hot summer is drinking cold drinks, do some in-depth career planning the perfect time. The following is a short list to begin this process:

The rise of managed WAN services. Several large companies, including some I think it is the leader of the company, are cut staff 75% of the WAN, particularly in the field of daily network operations personnel.

Why? As more and more operators to provide reliable managed services WAN, WAN has become a commodity. Recently, several high-level manager told me: "I do not want to engage in WAN operations daily work."

Sounds terrible, but for a certain network engineers, not necessarily a bad thing.

Indeed, if your main value of the company that you can explain the router command, you may need to start carefully read the recruitment ads. However, if you are a bit WAN biggest names, you will be willing to join the architecture team, because it will become more important.

If you are good at understanding and communication technology, you may wish to consider the area of vendor management or procurement positions. Finally, you may wish to consider one of the following areas, most IT departments are increasing the number of personnel in these areas.

Budding real-time collaboration. No matter how large or small businesses are coming up with collaborative fashion, a growing number of companies recently appointed manager responsible for coordination of services to prove this point. "Collaboration Services" vice president of an increasingly popular titles - and these guys are fast team building. If you are familiar with, like Microsoft's Live Communications Server, Cisco's unified Personal Communicator, as well as from Nortel, Avaya, Shoretel, and other manufacturers of similar products, you may wish to consider entering areas of collaboration.

Data centers are evolving. An exciting change is the emergence of the data center architect. Data center designers are responsible for the management of data center equipment and all aspects of planning (facilities, HVAC, networking, security, management) team. Some of the most interesting technologies being deployed in data centers, this is an ambitious network of staff who leaves a wake of a good place.

Information management development momentum is fierce. Leaders began to seriously invest in information management - This is an end to end management of company information in the art and science. Areas of expertise include information related to data security protection, compliance and business continuity.

The growing importance of project management expertise. Any successful project management track record with people who can be found in the areas mentioned above, be fully utilized - whether a WAN deployment, Shishi collaboration deployment, integration of data Zhongxin (or Kuozhan) or information management 璁″垝.


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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Keyword ranking must use homepage?

First, is the core of a website page, a site showing the whole essence of the content of the page, the user can see the first page. Appears in the search engine, home page also has the highest weight of the entire site, so for a lot of SEO, the one to get keywords, think about it, went straight home away.

Really want this?

In fact, SEO development stage, with the search engines constantly change the algorithms in a little (especially Baidu), Crane asked that the weight is not the domain name may be a very important position Zhan Zhao, some of the novice new to SEO every day holding that a SEO tutorials online, carrying the weight of www.xxx.com in abc.xxx.com, abc.xxx.com the weight of the www.xxx.com / abc, www.xxx.com / abc the weight of in www.xxx.com / abc.html, of course, this is just theory, based on a reference only, all also from the reality.

Home has its own unique weight advantage, outside the chain advantage, the advantage of rich content, the site of the essence of each part and channel part also presents the first page, but also take into account other aspects of this web site a comprehensive reflection. However, it is these advantages, home produced a great disadvantage.

Yes, that is relevant!

Some SEO Master said, a page key words up to not more than 3, preferably 1 to 2, ask crane started to say this is one look and had no serious effort to comprehend, but a few by a recent a SEO alone, especially in enterprises that own content to stand less of a special type of site, especially reflected in this statement, when a page, even the home page, do two or more key words, on a very smooth Why? Is bad because the page related issues.

An inadvertent attempt to abandon the home, the key words into a lower weight although the page, but extremely relevant part that corresponds to the product page to focus on key words related pages, content gradient, and the page Related link optimization, coupled with the appropriate outside the chain, even in terms of speed and keywords ranking on the overall ranking, are made up with the home had no effect. A general term enterprise product, the first time included in the google that page, the first update that page directly into the first page, which lasted 23 hours, of course, the word itself is not too hot, but also a little bit of luck (^ _ ^ Optimization of a good night, Google just updated).

SEO tutorial is the practice of their predecessors have come through the experience, just access to SEO for beginners should probably go read it twice. Have to understand, but the search engine is constantly changing, some factors may be ineffective in changing gradually, and SEO is a very strong practice a skill, therefore, asked the crane's proposal is that theory only as a reference, all from the site their needs and the actual situation.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Find 20%

Why the banks IT systems more massive, with customers far away from talks about? The problem is after the WTO today, has become increasingly important. The client is too personal or banking Xianpinaifu, this paper presents the analysis. --- In Wenzhou, Pan Peicong are second-generation family business. His father founded Pan Ting Yu Ting Yu Group, the Pan Peicong only 10 years old, now just over a thirty year old, she plays a role, general manager Yu Ting. Although in Wenzhou, but the Pan Peicong works a bit like a foreign professional managers, "all received mail, write mail, send mail, not phone calls." Pan Peicong some laugh at that.
---- Face paying visits to seek the views of the Wenzhou Bank Account Manager, Pan Peicong bluntly put forward their own ideas: "Bank of things faster than the speed, able to respond to customer needs in a timely manner. Are still too many links , can be optimized on the procedure? a lot of work on the Internet can do. a lot of basic information is the same, do not work every time when they are re-filled once, increase customer many additional burden. companies each year based on their own development shall be a plan to the bank with the bank in accordance with the section plans to allocate funds, so it is very specific and will not do useful work. banks should have a dedicated staff to help enterprises to establish a plan to use paragraph. "
Ting Yu Group ---- came to seek the views of customers of Bank of China Wenzhou Xiao-dong, deputy director of the Information Technology Division and the client manager Cai Yongzhi, they are just on the line for the CRM project customer dynamic data collection work.
Increasingly difficult customers satisfaction
---- Xiao-dong Yu Ting visited Wenzhou BOC Group is the quality customers, the most recent technical innovation is in talks regard to loans. Xiao-Dong Lin said with deep feeling: "As the second generation of entrepreneurs in Wenzhou, Pan Peicong generation of more knowledge than their parents, wider field of vision, wider communication, many people are reading the MBA. Their generation on the Bank of China more demanding customer service. "
---- As the world's 20 selected "healthy development of the city," the only Chinese city with more than 650 million people of Wenzhou, in 2001 GDP was 93.32 billion yuan, up 12.3%. Non-public economy accounts for more than 99%, which has accounted for 78% of family businesses. Wenzhou's economic miracle is no doubt commercial banks with unlimited business opportunities, the 17 domestic commercial banks have opened 15 branches in Wenzhou. Hong Kong banks had "more than rice shop" theory; actually use these words to describe the density of Wenzhou City Bank is not excessive.
---- Despite the Bank of China in Wenzhou has more than 70 outlets, and foreign currency deposits in 2001 reached 130 billion yuan, Bank of China in Zhejiang Province in the top ranking system, but with the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China in Wenzhou, the local building Bank, the Agricultural Bank and other competitors, but significantly down on the next wind. Xiao-dong boss, the current Bank of China, the Yuan Wenzhou dragon heart a little heavy, said: "In other places, four big state-owned commercial banks are 4 world, evenly matched. But not in Wenzhou, the other banks do not put you seriously to study the opponents do not include Bank of China. "
---- Yuen Long is in May 2001 appointed to Wenzhou, Shaoxing, Bank of China, he had worked for 20 years. Recalling the work in Shaoxing, he said: "This year, I engaged in Shaoxing Bank two big things. One is the 9001 quality system certification. In 9001 the system, rules and standards than President, not OK Long have the final say, but the standard have the final say. then one customer service center, April 16, 2000 launch of the banking system is the first of Shaoxing is also the first province Bank System. In Shaoxing, service The best science and technology is the best BOC. "It is these two initiatives to further enhance the Bank's own Shaoxing management and customer service.
---- Despite the domestic commercial banks have long put forward the concept of customer service, but will be posted on the wall slogans into actual operation, do not know how many times harder. To a question many customers repeatedly phone consultation Yao Da, some direct hit on the president room.
---- There is a party, a friend tells foreign customers the story of a hotel, Yuan Yong-dae enlightening. The friends often stay at a hotel for a business trip, is this hotel's high-quality customers. Once he came to the hotel front desk, the waiter told him that day, tour, not the room of; but waiter his name entered into the computer, the computer shows that he is the quality of this hotel customers, hotel staff immediately warm to send vehicles to transport him to the same standard of service to another furniture hotels. Yuen Long to the story and the solving of problems contact customer service, Bank of China together. The hotel's services, success lies in its background has a customer value management system that can clear the background to this client and customer spending behavior in the hotel information reflected in the computer screen, the hotel front desk attendant is based on customer value information corresponding to service him. This customer value information systems do not have Bank of Wenzhou, also want to do Yuen Long.
Yuen Long ---- had already learned that Guangdong Telecom's customer service center through the Call Center to resolve customer inquiries and complaints. Yuen Long that the introduction of Call Center is very effective as a competitive platform to use, so he began to be launched in Shaoxing Bank Call Center. He was positioned so the system several features: an address and receive customer inquiries and complaints; 2, from the customer inquiries and complaints which the current needs of the client what to improve products and to change the concept. System and the effect is good, but he feels the system is incomplete, can not solve all the problems of customer service. Later on the work of mobilization, he came to Wenzhou, Bank of China, but reside in the mind of this problem are often not consciously come out, and he also saw the widespread grass-roots bank also is an urgent problem.
---- From the practice of basic banking business, customer service channels are diverse, in addition to Call Center than there are human-computer dialogue, ATMs, as well as by business people face to face contact with customers. Although the front channels of contact with customers a lot, but these channels are managed by different departments, and the Bank of China Wenzhou no one has to provide a comprehensive customer service information. Not only front, back-end IT systems as there is information the same can not be integration. With a client, he may have in the Bank time deposits, demand deposits, and credit card, may also have loans and settlement, as these businesses are responsible for the different departments, the business sector there is no horizontal links can not be under the name of this client integrate all the data to provide a comprehensive statement of business, even a competent Yuen Long branch president of the overall work can not be a comprehensive customer data. The disadvantages of the various departments makes Bank of Wenzhou in determining the bias occurs when the customer value, it is difficult to provide a real service to meet customer needs. Yuen Long has received a customer complaint phone call from the field, this client through the credit card in the field was told his lack of balance in the bank's deposits, consumption can not be overdrawn, but the customers in Wenzhou Bank account on other sectors 800 million in deposits. This customer is very angry, thinking that even 20 thousand yuan will not be able to advance, Wenzhou Bank did not trust him, on the phone to Yuan Long made a meal of the fire.
---- Who is to blame in the end? Obviously no one can not blame the credit card department in the implementation of the Bank's rules and regulations, banks are not required to communicate between departments to customer data, business system design did not consider the inter-departmental sharing of customer data.
---- Fierce competition for the existing management system Yuanlong Ming Bai mistakes, is the existing business system design errors. However, the Bank of China, commercial banks in the Wenzhou area location, it is difficult to let him step by step to wait for top-down reform. He must choose from the Bank of China began to reform in Wenzhou, Wenzhou, only the reform have a chance to compete in the Bank of China in the processes. He then made the business character, management intensive, market-oriented objectives of the reform mechanism.
Under a large concentration of CRM
---- In summary, the Bank's business, there are loans to customers, customer billing contacts, as well as credit card. Can take the initiative to provide its customers are two types of data. First, loan customers, a good collection of such customer data, according to process, before the loans to learn a lot about the customer information, customers are sometimes afraid that the banks do not know him, he would take the initiative to provide a lot of information. Second, credit card, in the process of credit card customers need to fill out some forms. But in the original structure is not a comprehensive department to consider and manage customer data. If this thing to a customer service center, they are dedicated to collect and study the relevant customer data, this problem could be effectively addressed.
---- Became president after the Bank of China Wenzhou, Yuen Long began to deploy in areas under their jurisdiction to carry out this reform. "At that time we do not know what is CRM, but when we have such a demand. I gave it a name from the Customer Information."
Yuen Long ---- building "Customer Information" task to the Xiao-dong. Wenzhou University, graduated from the electronic counting, Xiao-Dong Lin has entered the Bank of China Wenzhou, a full 10 years. 10 years, he had the honor went through the system each time the Bank of China replaced: Bank of China in Zhejiang Province in 1996 to achieve a cash withdrawal; started in 1999, Zhejiang province-wide data set, the province set up three points Hangzhou, Shaoxing and Jinhua; starting from June 2002 data will be concentrated in Shanghai.
---- Data concentration is necessary, is also a trend, it does lead to the analysis for the upper decision-making data base; but the data also brought a large concentration of new problems that face the customer's primary bank, In the absence of data about customers, it is difficult to provide feature service. Large concentration of existing data models, obviously, "bank-centered" as a starting point, rather than "customer-centric" customer value and it can not be the interests of both banks, tend to be forgotten in the stress and standardization of service character, while emphasizing centralized decision making business differentiation forgotten. Xiao-Dong Lin reluctantly said: "Our banking law that commercial banks have the right to floating interest rates based on customer needs, the interest rate is the best means of foreign banks, but we can not do. We have to go to Jinhua to change procedures or to Shaoxing do. do a modification is too much trouble. "
---- Xiao-dong was wondering, he thought: Why with the system of large banks and customers farther away than ever, customers increasingly slow response; this problem is not fighting at the grassroots level and bank customers caused by the subjective consciousness of managers, but by now such a large concentration caused by the mechanism. In the process of data centralization, and their customers has continued to lose. Xiao-Dong Lin wrote: "From understanding a client until he has business dealings with our bank, it is very difficult a process. Now account manager to go to visit customers, clients want him in charge of printing the information, but can not get the data. Major focus Basically, all customer data after row in the province, we do not see. I had told him that these large customers on hand to record the right information. the face of so many special service needs of clients, we can not wait. but could have been work done by technical means, and now only through manual means were. "
---- In fact, this is only one aspect, even if the system is able to get from the business customer data, only some fixed number of background data and transaction data, the value used to determine customer behavior data, customer credit data is not to take to the particular client manager and client in the course of their daily dealings with valuable information in the system can not be found. The reason is that when the design is from a business perspective, not from the customer point of view. Of course, not just Bank of China, the existence of such problems, all domestic commercial banking business system problem exists. For those who have not, and the development of business relations of Bank of China Wenzhou potential customer information, the system did not give it to consider not leaving a place, this part of the information can only be charged by the client manager own small book, or is the input to the computer in the document.
President is also the resources
---- What is good? Is suitable for their own good. The "suitable" conditions, including price, the current level of management, and client managers use the system and so on. Xiao-Dong Lin recognized that due to different objective basis, this CRM system can help-line where as long as the account manager on the line, the extra features will be a waste of investment. Bank of the problem, and some can be resolved through CRM, CRM can not solve some, and must be combined with the local situation. So not so much to do CRM, as it is doing a project to solve the problem. They have a number of CRM vendors at home and abroad had extensive contacts with the end of last year, Bank of China Wenzhou conducting comprehensive evaluation of the project after the technology company will Powerise Hydrangea thrown by Powerise science and technology as their primary bank tailored suits The CRM solution.
---- Start using the system, the effect of slowly revealed. Former account manager who often said to be visited Yuen Long to customers is important, I hope to visit with president. Yuan Long said: "The visit does not matter, it is should be. But you analyze the value of this client does not? The customer is not insisted I go? What the customer likes to hear the recent interest? I went to the customer after say what? "and the result is often, as president of client manager will do the job, President may come out to visit a small customer, but customers should visit the great been out in the cold. Yuen Long, said: "In fact, the president also resources, according to the maturity and value of customers, to allocate Bank resources." When he heard of Ting-Yu Lin Xiaodong, the value of the client group, he immediately arranged to Xiao-dong, to Ting Yu personally visiting a young general manager of Pan Peicong Group.
---- The face of foreign banks entering the domestic market for a new round of competition, many scholars have pointed out that the competition will be mainly in the lucrative field of those that fight for those who can bring 80% of profits to the bank 20% of high-end customers . Chinese residents in high-income groups, multinational joint ventures in China and part of the excellent private enterprise formed by China's high-end customer base, will be the domestic banks and foreign banks a positive exchange of fire between the "main battlefield." Published in the newspaper to see this speech, Yuen Long said with a smile: "20:80 empty of little value, the problem is we know that 20% do not know who is?"

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